Simply Bath Beautiful Finishes

Warm Wood Collections

Each of our professionally-applied finishes is protected by an oven-cured topcoat. Combined with the artistry of hand-sanding and wiping, it provides a smooth, superior seal that protects against scuffs and wear. That durability, clarity, and protection are just a few of the many reasons our finishes are more beautiful to both see and touch.

Simply Bath finishes are limited to the following species: Cherry, Knotty Alder, Maple, Oak, Quartersawn Oak and MDF.


Transparent stains accent the natural beauty and distinctive wood grain of your cabinets. Our stains are protected by an oven-cured top coat that provides a superior seal.

Glaze and Highlight

Glaze is sprayed over base stain, then hand-rubbed to create a patina enhancing both color and character. Additional hand-brushed detailing creates definition for the impression of an aged piece of furniture.

Woodland Oaks

Our Woodland Oaks Collection uses an innovative, proprietary color application process to reduce the amber hue apparent in the red oak wood species. These colors result in an appearance closer to white oak and a modern, sought after look.

Antique Distressing Collection

Antique Distressing is a finish created by lightly distressing wood for a subtle worn appearance. Characteristics include sanded corners and profiles of doors and drawer fronts, as well as small dings and dents.

Legacy Distressing Collection

Legacy Distressing is a finish created by physically distressing the wood for an aged appearance. Characteristics include sanded corners and profiles, small dings and dents, rasping, worm holes, chisel marks and knife splits. In addition, a glazed brush cowtail is applied.

Appaloosa Collection

Appaloosa includes a semi-transparent warm stain, Legacy Distressing and dark glaze hang-up. In addition, cowtail and brushed glaze accents are added to enhance the depth of the finish.

Color Collections

To personalize your bath, Schuler offers a spectrum of color options.

Classic Paint

A lustrous enamel finish which provides solid coverage and a smooth satin finish.

Paint with Highlight

A hand-painted accent glaze enhances the details of the door without changing the overall color and appearance of the base paint.

Paint with Glaze and Highlight and Heirloom Distressing

To create the impression of aged furniture, Schuler offers a highlight and glaze option. The glaze is sprayed over the sealed enamel paint, then hand-wiped to create a beautiful patina. Combined with hand-brushed highlight accents which define the door’s details, the overall color and look of the paint is deepened.

Sheer Colors

This collection of colors give your door a semi-transparent, color-washed stain.

Sheer Colors with Dry Brush

Bring out the details of the door with a dry brush accent in addition to the color-washed, semi-transparent stain. With lighter tones especially, the wood character and tone are slightly visible.

Cushing Maple Frappe Sable Dry Brush

Our dry brush technique highlights the unique qualities of your selected door style with stunning brushstroke accents. Available in seven different curated designer color pairings.