Durable, Hand-Crafted Finish

Custom Crafted

The beauty is in the details. Each Schuler cabinet is meticulously hand-crafted. From sanding for a smooth, even finish, to brush highlighting that emphasizes the natural character of the wood, to artfully applying glaze techniques and distressing collections – we’re redefining what’s possible with custom craftsmanship.

Hand Sanding Cabinetry

Each cabinet is meticulously hand-sanded for a smooth, even finish.

Hand-applied stains

Stains are applied by hand to highlight the natural beauty of the wood.

Hand Glazing

Glazes and highlights are applied by hand, enhancing the unique design of each door, its wood grain and finish color.

Hand Distressing

Distressing techniques are artfully applied by hand, giving cabinets an aged or heirloom look.

Unmatched Finish Quality

Schuler’s multi-step finishes are formulated for superior resistance to life’s everyday mishaps. Our finishes exceed industry standards in performance testing. That means our finishes can withstand common household spills, such as coffee, ketchup, cola, vinegar and lemon juice. And that’s not all, uncommon materials such as: acetone, nail polish remover, and 100-proof alcohol exceeded testing as well. Get worry-free resistance to everyday spills and cleaning with Schuler’s superior finishes.