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Message Center

Keep yourself organized with a whiteboard and designated area for mail, invitations and other small items that are easy to lose in a drawer.

Waste and Recycling Base Cabinet

Includes one trash, one recycling and two composting containers plus a hidden drawer to keep replacement supplies easily within reach.

Lift and Stay Cabinet

Door lifts and remains up and out of the way to access the contents of the cabinet.

Waste, Recycling, and Compost Solutions

Hide your garbage, recycling, and compost in one handy pull-out cabinet.
*Product has design improvements from what is shown here.

Tilt-Out Hamper

Keep your laundry room neat and tidy.

Built-in Tall Cabinet with Shelves and Drawers

Create a stunning bureau in a bath suite

Salon Styling Center

Keep hair care tools neat, organized and easily accessible.