Color Your World

Color Your World

Staying on top of trends is key to creating your perfect new kitchen.

Schuler Cabinetry is proud to offer some many products with today’s fashionable flair, yet all are rooted in solid design principles, giving them timeless staying power.


Warm & Wonderful

Spice up any space with a combination of these warm-toned paints and stains.

Taos at Dusk

A southwest-sunset-inspired palette that fits well into the Mid-Century or Arts-and-Crafts inspired themes.

Warm and Wonderful

Safari Classic Paint – a warm, creamy beige with sandy-hued undertones, a versatile neutral that complements strong colors.

Available on Maple and MDF.

Beautiful Blues

Serene blue shades are always trending! Our nature-inspired blue Classic paints pair perfectly with many of our other finishes.

Ocean Cove

Inspired by the serenity of a seaside retreat, lighter blues work beautifully with Sea Salt and Dove Appaloosa.

A soothing blue that recalls the evening sky.

Available on Maple and MDF, and with Ebony Highlight.

A misty blue the color of the sea after a storm.

Available on Maple and MDF, and with Ebony Highlight.

A vibrant midnight blue with velvety depth.

Available on Maple and MDF, and with Pewter Highlight.

Lakeside Getaway

This combo evokes a feeligh of light nautical nostalgia, with deeper rich tones in Celeste and Cappuccino.

Gorgeous Greens

Green painted cabinets of all shades have been spotted in many trending European designs. Expect to see more of this soothing tone in the months ahead!

A subtle pale green with a botanical feel.

Available on Maple and MDF.

A versatile green with lush, organic undertones.

Available on Maple and MDF.

Warm & Cozy

Bay Leaf inspires warmth and familiarity. Pair with French Roast and Frappe for Transitional or Farmhouse designs.

Modern Verdant

The warm brilliant green of Eucalyptus has desaturated undertones―a perfect backdrop for paints like Irish Créme and Macchiato.

Earth Tones

Beautiful brown stains, inspired by the rich soil of the American heartland. 

French Roast

This rustic and robust earth tone brings both elegance and rich warmth to your any space.


Available in Cherry, Hickory, Knotty Alder, Maple, Rustic Maple, Oak and Quartersawn Oak.

Eagle Rock

A slightly brighter medium brown which pairs well with many trending paint colors.


Available in Knotty Alder, Rustic Maple, Oak and Quartersawn Oak.

Natural Contrasts

Soft, dimensional Peppercorn or Castle Rock Dry Brush lend subtle texture to French Roast, while warm white Irish Créme is a classically refined pairing. Door shown in Knotty Alder French Roast Sable Glaze and Highlight, with French Roast finish chips in Oak, Rustic Maple and Hickory.

Not-Boring Neutral

Eagle Rock stain feels current when paired with a neutral Coastal finish like Cottage White or neutral cool paints like Frappe that contrast Eagle Rock’s warmth. Drawer fronts here shown in Cherry, Oak and Knotty Alder in Eagle Rock stain.