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Base Cabinet with Pull-Out Waste Bin and Integrated Chopping Block

Reduce cooking prep time, increase kitchen cleanliness, and maximize efficiency. Schuler’s Base Cabinet with Pull-Out Waste Bin and Chopping Block gives homeowners yet another elegant solution to make the cooking experience easier and even more enjoyable.

Base Cabinet with Pull-Out Storage and Paper Towel Holder

Form meets function. The Base Cabinet with Pull-Out Storage and Paper Towel Holder addresses a three-fold need with a space, storage, and style upgrade – it’s exactly the type of simple but versatile, multi-faceted design feature homeowners are looking for.

Base Sink Cabinet with Functional Drawer

Once again, we’ve taken common kitchen storage challenges and turned them into innovative kitchen storage solutions. A requested option with homeowneres, this product offers ample space in a simple, guiderail format, making cleaning supplies, trash bags, and dish towels more accessible than ever.

Base Cabinet with Pullout Step Stool

Need a boost? As requested, we’ve removed a step by adding one. When items are out of reach, our Base Cabinet with Pull-Out Stepstool takes out the search for a leg up by placing one on standby, conveniently stowed away and always at the ready."

Message Center

Keep yourself organized with a whiteboard and designated area for mail, invitations and other small items that are easy to lose in a drawer.

Waste and Recycling Base Cabinet

Includes one trash, one recycling and two composting containers plus a hidden drawer to keep replacement supplies easily within reach.

Lift and Stay Cabinet

Door lifts and remains up and out of the way to access the contents of the cabinet.

Waste, Recycling, and Compost Solutions

Hide your garbage, recycling, and compost in one handy pull-out cabinet.
*Product has design improvements from what is shown here.

Pull-Out Waste Container and Compost Bin

Our new wider style mirrors a paneled dishwasher or other standard 24” base cabinet for a more symmetrical design. A third compartment for compostable food scraps or additional storage.
*Product has design improvements from what is shown here.

Under Sink Pull-out Storage Unit

Keep cleaning supplies organized and easy to tote with a cleaning caddy.

Stainless Steel Tilt-down Tray

Keep the sink area tidy with a dedicated spot for cleaning tools.

Smart Sink Base

A sink mat protects your cabinet from leaks and door organizers keep small items easily accessible.