Style Quiz

Find your perfect match: traditional, transitional or contemporary

Answer the following questions to pinpoint your style preferences. Come back and take the quiz as many times as you’d like. At the end, see our recommendations for the cabinet styling we think you’d love to have.




You've inherited a hutch from your dear and oh-so-fashionable great aunt. Which of these three looks would you most hope to see?

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Artisan-crafted detailing, raised panel doors, character glass and turned feet
Perfectly balanced, distressed finish set of by the shine of glass and tile
Two-tone, minimalist lines, Asian influences

When the wine enthusiast in you reaches for a bottle to serve with dinner tonight, which wine storage arrangement would you find most appealing?

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Carriage black heirloom paint, spool detailing on split posts, leaded glass doors
Matte glass countertops, rounded edges, neutral tones
Sleek lines, rich color, well proportioned

Time to head to the day spa to treat yourself. Which destination spa would you pick?

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Full-featured resort emphasizing plant-based products and harmony with nature
Restful and rejuvenating luxury spa featuring the newest breakthroughs in beauty and skin science
Resort spa with a minimalist approach. Simple and pure skin treatments, clean eating and yoga classes

Your favorite reading spot needs a little more light, which lamp would you pair with your chair?

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Gilted edge urn with pleated shade
Beautifully balanced column shade with matte black vase base
Mid-century modern with brushed nickel trim and simple tailored striped shade

You're planning a holiday dinner party for ten guests, which dinnerware pattern would you select to set the table?

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Decked out in glitter, scalloped edges and extraordinary detailing
Relaxed with clean lines, neutral tones
Hip to be square. Strong shapes and textures work together.