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Walk-In Pantry

Walk In Pantry

Walk-In Pantry cabinet conceals an entire closet behind coordinating full-height doors for a seamless look.

Pull-Down Shelf

High wall cabinets become easily accessible with this innovative shelf which pulls-down, bringing items to you!

Mobile Device Charging Drawer

Keep your phones and tablets charged while freeing up counter space, yet always handy inside this base kitchen cabinet drawer. Includes integrated USB and standard 110 A/C power outlets.

Pull-Out Waste Container and Compost Bin

Our new wider style mirrors a paneled dishwasher or other standard 24” base cabinet for a more symmetrical design. A third compartment for compostable food scraps or additional storage.
*Product has design improvements from what is shown here.

Pull-Out Cookware Organizer

This unique, pull-out kitchen cabinet makes it easy to select the pot or pan you need and its matching lid without having to rearrange an entire stack. 

Pull-Out Canister Organizer

Handy base kitchen cabinet with adjustable top shelf for utensil organization and bonus lower shelf for dry goods storage.

Pull-Out Knife and Canister Organizer

Innovative kitchen cabinet with integrated knife storage and canister organizers. Metal 'railings' keep small items safely stored on the lower shelf.

Lift and Stay Door

Keep long kitchen tools neat and tidy with adjustable shallow drawer dividers.

Shallow Drawer Divider

Keep long kitchen tools neat and tidy with adjustable shallow drawer dividers.

Multi-Level Spice Rack

Give your wall kitchen cabinets the upper hand with this tiered spice rack organizer.

Pull-Out Spice Rack

Pull-Out Spice Rack

Handy base cabinet glides out to reveal a central location for spices, sauces, and other small dry-goods items.